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Welcome to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Recovery and Reinvestment Website.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about the Patrick-Murray Administration’s plan for investing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds in transportation projects that create jobs for today and tomorrow in communities across Massachusetts. We are pushing projects out the door as fast as possible to fix broken roads and bridges, spark long term economic development, and improve access to transit, bicycling and walking.

ARRA infrastructure investments are critical components of Governor Patrick’s Massachusetts Recovery Plan, which combines state, federal and, where possible, private efforts to provide immediate and long-term relief. The Governor's plan integrates Transportation Bond Bills, the Accelerated Bridge Repair Program (hyperlink to ABP website) and federal stimulus ARRA funds to make unprecedented investments that will put people to work today fixing our transportation system.

Massachusetts received authority under ARRA to spend $437.9 million over two years on road and bridge projects. An additional $319 million will fund urban and regional transit projects. At the Governor's direction, MassDOT will obligate all ARRA highway funds by January 31, 2010, more than a month ahead of federal deadlines. Please visit this site frequently as we provide project updates.

Check out our project list to see the current status of ARRA funded projects to date and follow ARRA related news on our blog:
Please click on the interactive map below to learn more about the projects being funded by ARRA in Massachusetts:

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