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Image showing Park and Ride lotOverview

This point datalayer contains the locations of the Park and Ride Lots in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The park and ride program offers commuters a place to park their cars in order to take advantage of other forms of transportation; thereby, reducing traffic and emissions from vehicles. This layer provides information about the Park and Ride lot, such as location, lot operator, lot owner, lot capacity, lot status, type of transportation service available, and details such as presence of phones, lights, and bike racks.


Newburyport Lot:

Parking is limited due to necessary maintenance to the lot. Construction to be completed by November. Thank you for your patience during this time.



The locations of the Park and Ride lots were created based on the 1:5000 color orthophoto imagery as well as site visits to the lots.


This data is current as of January 2012.

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Park and Ride Lots Data Layers

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