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RTA Council Meeting

Thursday December 13th, 2012
10:30am – 12:30pm
10 Park Plaza, Room 4160
Boston , MA

There are currently 15 Regional Transit Authorities (RTA) operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not including the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).  These agencies serve a total of 262 communities and provide over 29 million trips annually.  The RTAs primarily operate fixed-route bus and paratransit/demand response service, but some also offer tailored or specialized services such as commuter bus,  college shuttles and seasonal routes.  Other RTAs are more concentrated on human service transportation and have created extensive service networks that involve different types of service providers. 

As populations change and shift, development and destinations spread and resources are increasingly stretched yet service demands continue to grow.  The Beyond Boston Transit study is designed to more effectively strategize, prioritize, and deliver transit service throughout the Commonwealth.  This study is a cooperative effort between MassDOT and the state’s 15 RTAs and will identify and address a broad range of ideas that offer potential to improve the planning, organization, and delivery of public transportation service.  Some of the issues that will be addressed include:

  • A thorough review of the Commonwealth’s transit network from a statewide perspective including the transit system operations and demands;, barriers to improved service, and state, regional, and national best practices and trends.
  • An analysis of the operation of each RTA, with the purpose of identifying ways in which each regional transit authority can improve the efficiency of existing services, and provide new or expanded services to local communities.
  • The identification of transportation improvement projects for the regional transit authorities, and mechanisms to improve and maintain public transportation facilities and equipment.
  • An evaluation to ensure resources and investments provide an equitable allocation of investments in transportation across the regions of the Commonwealth.

Beyond Boston will also address the relationship between the MBTA and neighboring RTAs and identify opportunities for greater collaboration, and/or mechanisms for streamlining the management of public transportation assets.

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