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E-ZPass MA Program

To download and print a form or an application, click on the document you need from the list below. You may mail or fax your completed and signed request to:

E-ZPass MA Customer Service Center
27 Midstate Drive
Auburn, MA 01501-1800
Fax: (508) 786-5222

Please note: To download and print many of the documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download Acrobat Reader at no cost. If you have Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later installed, just click on the PDF form or the application you want from the list below.


Account Information Changes

Request changes to your account information; to request a new PIN, make an address change or to change payment information.

Additional Transponder Request

Request an additional E-ZPass MA transponder.

Individual Account Transfer (Individual Account ONLY)

Transfer ownership of a transponder and/or transfer account information from one individual account to another individual account.

Payment Option Change Request

Switch your payment option for your individual account, our three plans; Direct Payment from Checking, Credit/Debit Card Payment and Manual Account Replenishment.

Close Account

Close your E-ZPass MA account.

E-ZPass MA Violation Appeal Form ($50 fine ONLY)

E-ZPass customers who receive a MassDOT electronic toll violation for a non Massachusetts registration (what's this?) or a no cash toll violation (what's this?) please use our Violation Processing System. If you received a MassDOT electronic toll violation for a Massachusetts registration (what's this?) please appeal using the form.


The following applications are available for printing.
Note: We strongly urge you to read the terms and conditions of being an E-ZPass MA member. If you have any questions please call 1-877-627-7745.

Individual Account Application

For privately owned or leased vehicles with four wheels and two axles. The application includes terms and conditions of the program. (You may also Sign-Up on-line.)

(Please Note: If you are interested in applying for E-ZPass MA at one of the participating RMV locations, please use our RMV form.)

Commercial Account Application - Please call 1-877-627-7745 (option 3, followed by option 7)

Special Programs

Annual Resident Programs

The E-ZPass MA program offers several Special Programs which provide Residents with discounts based on their specific program. In order to qualify for these Programs, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have a privately owned 2-axle 4-tire passenger vehicle, No Commercial Vehicles are allowed.
  • A current Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles registration and lease agreement, if applicable, is required for each registered vehicle. This information must confirm that you reside in and that your vehicle is garaged in the qualifying zip code areas.
  • You must have a current Massachusetts driver’s license.
  • You must provide current proof of residency (a checking account statement or an invoice mailed to the account holder’s address within the last sixty (60) days).
  • The name and address on all documents must match the name and address of the account holder. If additional documentation is required to substantiate the application, the approval process could take 3 to 5 additional business days.

You are not authorized to use an Annual Resident Program transponder if you are not an eligible resident.

Annual Resident Program Application (PDF)

Tobin Memorial Bridge

Qualified residents of Charlestown and Chelsea can use the Tobin Bridge for a discounted toll rate of $0.30. You must be a resident of Charlestown or Chelsea (eligible zip codes are 02129 and 02150).

Sumner and Ted Williams Tunnels

Qualified residents of East Boston, South Boston, or the North End can use the Tunnels for a discounted toll rate of $0.40. You must be a resident of East Boston, South Boston, or the North End (eligible zip codes are 02109, 02110, 02113, 02114, 02127, 02128 and 02210).

Other Important Resident Program Information:

  • All Residents must visit one of the E-ZPass Customer Service Centers listed below annually in order to re-qualify and remain in the program. Failure to re-qualify will result in the loss of your Resident privileges. While not on the program the full toll rate will be posted to your account.
  • The unauthorized use of this transponder may subject you to certain fines, penalties and/or removal from the program in accordance with the provisions of MassDOT regulations or those of other jurisdictions.
  • If you cancel your account or move out of the authorized resident area, you must contact the Customer Service Center at 1-877-627-7745.
  • All Resident applications are processed at the East Boston, Saugus and Haymarket Center E-ZPass MA Customer Service Centers.

Annual Carpool Program

The Carpool Program encourages ride sharing and the use of high occupancy vehicles. As an incentive to "ride share", discounts are available to commuters who travel with three or more people in their private passenger vehicle and use the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) or the Sumner/Ted Williams Tunnels.

Carpool registrants receive a discount on the regular price of daily tolls. The carpool transponder is valid 24 hours a day; seven days a week, provided there are three or more passengers in the vehicle.

Please Note: Commercial vehicles, business vehicles and motorcycles are not eligible for the Carpool Program. All participants in the Carpool Program will need to apply or re-qualify annually in person at one of the Customer Service Center locations. All applications and annual renewals must be accompanied by the following items:

  • A valid Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles registration and lease agreement, if applicable.
  • A valid Massachusetts driver’s license.
  • A valid credit card

You can download and print an application or for more information on the Carpool Program, including travel zones and annual fees, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-627-7745.

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