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Massachusetts Turnpike Toll/Mileage Calculator

The toll calculator is based on your Mass Turnpike entry and exit points and calculates the toll cost of your entire trip on the Turnpike. You may pay a toll once or pay portions of the total over the length of your trip, depending on the section of Turnpike you are traveling on. The total cost for the entire trip will be displayed.

Additional Toll Information

Exit 20 U-Turn Lane Toll Information

The use of the U-Turn lane (at Exit 20, Allston/Brighton) is currently open to two-axle passenger vehicles, taxis and buses equipped with an E-ZPASS transponder. Two-axle passenger vehicles with E-ZPass MA will be charged $2 to use the ramp. Out of state E-ZPass customers will pay $2.50. Taxis and two-axle trucks are charged $2.50, and three-axle buses $4.00.

Tobin Bridge Toll Information

All Electronic Tolling (AET) is a system in operation at the Tobin Memorial Bridge. AET is a form of toll collection that allows drivers to pay their toll without stopping or slowing down. AET is safer, quicker, and more convenient for our customers.

For an E-ZPass customer using an AET lane, the toll will be deducted from their E-ZPass account.

For travelers without E-ZPass using an AET lane, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice in the mail through the Pay By Plate MA program.

Motor Vehicle Description Toll
Class 1 - Passenger - 2 Axles** $3.00
Class 1 - Passenger with Trailer (3 Axles)** $3.50
Class 1 - Passenger with 2 Axle Trailer (4 Axles)** $4.00
Class 2 - Commercial - 2 Axles $4.50
Class 3 - Commercial - 3 Axles $4.50
Class 4 - Commercial - 4 Axles $6.00
Class 5 - Commercial - 5 Axles $7.50
Class 6 - Commercial - 6 Axles $9.00
Each additional Axle: $1.00

**Class 1 Tolls paid using an E-ZPass account are discounted by $.50. Motor Vehicle Description determined by type of registration (Massachusetts vehicles) or by image and/or type of vehicle (non-Massachusetts vehicles).

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