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Equitable Business Opportunities

The Equitable Business Opportunities Solution

The Equitable Business Opportunities Solution (EBO) is an Internet based management and control application that provides government agencies with the ability to develop, implement and monitor a Civil Rights, Labor Management and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program based on the U.S Department of Transportation, 49 CFR Part 26 regulations.

Internet Government Solutions has developed an online EBO Training Module for contractors, a self-tutorial which allows all users in the company to access the training and become certified. The one-time cost to the company is $75 and is the only EBO cost that will affect contractors. The online EBO Training Module is available at Several MassDOT contractors participated in the testing of the EBO product and provided valuable contribution to the final product.

Brief Summary

Each of the analysis tools provides a variety of options to narrowly tailor each analysis. For example, Contractor Utilization can be analyzed by Total, Year, and Month and Year, by gender, relevant market, program, contractor type, calendar or a customized date range for payments, commitments, or count for race conscious, race neutral or all contracts.

In addition to providing Agencies with the necessary tools to develop, monitor, and analyze performance per 49 CFR Part 26 and the court rulings, EBO goes beyond the regulation to provide Prime and Subcontractors with the necessary tools to monitor participating activity. The Contractor tools available are:

  • Bid development and release to the Agency.
  • Solicitation and Good Faith.
  • Prompt Payment Analysis.
  • Payments and Receipts.
  • Employee List and Contract Assignment.
  • Contract Work Hours and Certified Payroll.
  • Contract OJT Assignment and Monitoring.
  • Contract Goals Analysis.
  • Labor Goals Analysis.
  • Form 1391.
  • Monthly Utilization Report.
  • Consolidating Reporting.

Monitoring and Evaluating Current and Past Performance

Using EBO, all the necessary tools to evaluate ongoing performance as well as prior performance are available. With the flexibility built into the EBO system, actuals are easily compared to goals providing immediate feedback to identify problem areas and providing a means for corrective action. Court rulings have stated that government entities have the right to remedy discrimination that can be identified. The best method acceptable by the courts is a preponderance of statistical evidence. Using the Disparity tools available, under-utilization as well as over-utilization is quickly identified. With the statistical evidence EBO provides, properly meeting the courts' guidance is possible in a timely and low cost method.

EBO as a Solution

EBO aids the agency and contractor in implementing 49 CFR Part 26, streamlining the overall contract and workforce award and monitoring process. All agency and contractor data is warehoused in a single location on the Internet, providing real time access to data and eliminating any data movement between agencies and contractors. Since EBO is licensed by agency, all contractors affiliated with the agency are provided immediate access to the system as well as all members of the agency. Since EBO provides immediate and ongoing disparity analysis, your disparity studies are up to the minute and not based on previous or outdated data.


EBO provides a cost-effective method to implement 49 CFR Part 26 based programs. Using EBO, statistical data provides up to the minute data analysis for improved contract and organization monitoring. Consolidated reporting reduces the time and cost to both agencies and contractors in preparing reporting requirements. Going beyond 49 CFR Part 26, EBO provides contractors with access to the data and analysis to identify and correct problems in meeting goals. Therefore, the smallest contractor has access to the same tools as the largest prime contractors in bid development and monitoring.

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