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The Office of Real Estate and Asset Development (OREAD) supports the core transportation mission of MassDOT (the Massachusetts Department of Transportation), by generating revenues from state transportation properties and facilities.

OREAD develops and manages a portfolio of leases, licenses, and contracts with the private sector to generate revenues from real estate development, surplus property dispositions, concessions, parking, advertising, and hosting infrastructure for communications, energy, and other utilities.

OREAD's mission also includes economic development and cooperation with state agencies, local governments, and communities to conserve natural resources, create open spaces, and improve relations between MassDOT and the neighbors, customers and constituents of the state's transportation network.

For additional information contact us by email or call 857-368-8955 or Toll Free - 877-MA-DOT-GOV (877-623-6846).

Telecommunication & Energy Services Leasing Program

This program, managed by the Massachusetts Realty Group, is for telecommunications infrastructure developers, providers, and carriers. The program assists with locating facilities on Massachusetts transportation related properties. New standard rates and charges have been developed to provide market based access to statewide coverage. A new expedited approval and documentation process is also being developed.

Applications for new sites can be requested on-line or by contacting Massachusetts Realty Group.

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