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What is 511?

The Federal Communications Commission designated 511 as a traffic information telephone number on July 21, 2000. The Mass511 service provides traffic and travel information on Massachusetts roads and is provided by a public-private partnership with IBI, at no cost to the state. The 511 service provides real-time traffic updates for major Massachusetts roadways, including routes and highways in Western Mass, Central Mass, and the South Coast. Highlights of the 511 system include:
  • Statewide coverage
  • Improved real-time information - traffic and event information
  • Personalized traffic information
  • Ease of use and convenience
  • Information to help users make informed travel choices
  • No cost to the state
For questions about Mass511, please Contact Us.

How do I access Mass511?

You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
Cell Phone - Dial 511
Land line:
  • Metro Boston (617) 986 - 5511
  • Central Mass (508) 499 - 5511
  • Western Mass (413) 754 - 5511

How can I personalize my routes?

IBI's system remembers the routes you entered last time you called. In addition, you can sign up for personalized alerts based on routes and time of day.

What routes are covered by Mass511?

Major routes covered by the Mass511 are highlighted here:


What does it cost to call 511?

  • Cell phone: counts against minutes, so it is "free" unless you exceed your allocation.
  • Land line: Free call.

Will users be forced to listen to advertising?

This service comes at no cost to taxpayers or callers, and will be underwritten by the integrated marketing components. Users will hear a short sponsorship message when they call 511. It's really no different than listening to the radio - "this traffic report brought to you by XYZ Company."

What about folks who don't want to call 511?

MassDOT is working more closely with radio stations and TV stations to make sure they have the most accurate information possible about the conditions of our roads. The radio is where most drivers choose to get their traffic information, so these types of partnerships make sense.

Is the state encouraging drivers to use their cell phones?

No, MassDOT is not trying to encourage drivers to use cell phones while driving. We want to make the service so convenient and easy to use that drivers use it before they start driving. 511 is also a great option for passengers to call while the driver focuses on the road.

Will callers be able to talk directly to MassDOT staff?

This phone number isn't meant for customer service issues, but callers can report road incidents or conditions that our operators need to know about.

Who is providing the 511 service?

The Mass511 service is provided by IBI. Learn more about the Mass511 services provided by IBI.
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