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Board Meeting Agenda
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MassDOT Boardroom
10 Park Plaza
Suite 3830
Boston, MA
October 5, 2011
1:00 p.m.
  1. MBTA - Open Meeting
    Meeting Number: 1052

    -- Public Comment Period
    1. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 7, 2011.
    2. Appointment of the Recording Secretary.
    3. General Manager's Report.
    4. Authorization for approval for a contract with Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. contract no. S09CN10 entitled "Blue Line Modernization Project-Orient Heights Station, East Boston, MA" for a sum not to exceed $26,314,561.00.
    5. Authorization for approval for a contract with S&R Construction Co., Inc. on "Construction Services for the Assembly Square Station, Orange Line" for a lump sum $29,229,184, with a completion date of 33 months from the Notice to Proceed.
    6. Authorization for approval for a contract with S. J. Services Inc., of Danvers, for cleaning MBTA buses over a one-year period, with an option to extend for one additional year, at a cost not to exceed $5,182,216.
    7. Authorization for approval to execute a contract with KONE, Inc., of Canton, Massachusetts, to provide Vertical Transportation Maintenance over a three-year period, with two one-year options, at a total price not to exceed $37,157,577.
    8. Authorization to enter into a Lease for an initial term of thirty (30) years with two (2) ten (10) year options with Samuel & Associates Hingham II LLC. ("Samuels”) for an approximately 3.85 acre portion of the 17.61 acre parcel of land located at MBTA's Hingham Shipyard Commuter Parking Lot on Essington Drive in Hingham, Massachusetts for an initial annual base rent in the amount of Sixty-Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($62,500.00) per acre of land determined pursuant to an instrument survey of the demised premises or an approximate total initial annual rent of $240,625.00.


  2. MassDOT - Open Meeting
    Meeting Number: 24
    Commencing immediately after MBTA Board Meeting
    1. Approval of the Minutes of September 7, 2011.
    2. Secretary/CEO’s Report to the Board.
    3. Report from the Highway Division.
    4. Report from the Registry of Motor Vehicles Division.
    5. Report from the Aeronautics Division.
    6. Report from the Rail and Transit Division.
    7. Briefing on "Accelerated Bridge Program - Charles River Basin Project Overview".
    8. Authorization for the approval of Emergency Highway projects.
    9. Authorization for RMV to exercise its two year option to extend the contract with Parsons by October 1, 2011. The value of the contract is to perform state wide emissions testing and is approximately $14 million.
    10. Authorization to negotiate and execute a lease for CA/T Parcel 24, which is to become mixed-income (40+% affordable) housing.
    11. Authorization for approval to execute the contract with Aggregate Industries- N. E. Region, Inc. for resurfacing of Interstate I-95 and related work in the Towns of Burlington and Woburn which has a total construction budget of $12,710,477.00.
    12. Authorization for approval to execute the contract with J. H. Lynch and Sons, Inc., for the resurfacing of Interstate I-395 in the Town of Oxford has a total construction budget of $10,984,754.00.



  3. MBTA - Executive Meeting
    Meeting Number: 1052

    -Litigation Matters Update
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